Introducing Robin Care

We bring clarity and confidence to cancer journeys.

Robin Care experts provide support and guidance you won’t find anywhere else.

Your personal cancer champion

Robin Care puts empathetic cancer experts to work for you throughout your cancer journey. Our “Robins” are Care Advocates, highly experienced within the fields of oncology nursing, clinical psychology, social work, nutrition, physical therapy, and legal/insurance matters. Their sole job is to ensure you get care the way you need it, when you need it – conveniently accessible through mobile, web, and phone. Your doctors are focused on your tumor, Robin Care focuses on you.

here’s how we work for you

Living with cancer can be… complicated. Having the right help makes all the difference:


From diagnosis to survivorship, we offer help and support for wherever you are


We bring together best-in-class resources and your benefits to maximize our impact


We offer 24/7 access to experts, so you can text or call whenever you need help


Talk to us as much (or as little) as you need. Either way, it costs you nothing


We keep your information private and secure. Anything you share with us, stays with us

Trusted Resources

Our team of Robins are highly skilled in all dimensions of the cancer experience. Combined, the team has decades of experience in more than 7 fields. For all of the Robin team, not only have they invested their professional lives in helping cancer patients and their families, they also have a deep personal connection to our mission through their own experiences.

Besides their skills, knowledge, and expertise, the Robin team has hundreds of resources available at the tips of their fingers to use in assisting our patients. They stay up to date and current on treatment protocols, new innovations, and evidence-based practice so they can assist patients in everything from understanding their pathology reports or treatment decisions to finding a relaxation technique to use during treatment.

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