A different kind of care.

The Team

Adrianne Nickerson

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Daniel Kharlamov

Software Engineer

Jessica McCoy

Senior Care Advocate

Matt Lindley

Product Manager

Oleg Kharlamov

VP of Quality Experience

Ryan Blakeman

Software Engineer

Allyse Host

Care Advocate

Hugh Ma

Co-Founder & CEO

Julien Lallemand

Director of Strategic Design

Missy Buchanan

Care Advocate

Paul Wang

VP of Engineering

Tomi Onatunde

VP of Service Operations

Christine Kelly

Customer Success Manager

Jane Lee Choe

VP of Sales

Maggie Sweeney

Care Advocate

Murat Yorukoglu

Technical Co-Founder & CTO

Robin Munoz

Care Advocate

Wade Zeilenga

Care Advocate

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